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Turner S54 CSL Silicone Crankcase Vent Hose - E46 M3 Z3M

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The factory rubber/plastic hoses become brittle and crack over time. Brittle and cracked hoses can cause multiple vacuum leaks that are impossible to repair without hose replacement. Vacuum leaks can cause many problems including rough running, missing, stalling at idle, and even a no-start condition.

The factory hoses offered through BMW are plastic and will yield the same results of becoming brittle and damaged over time. Our solution is a premium replacement that will outlast everyone of the OEM replacements. Our Silicone Crankcase Vent Hose can be used to replace the factory brittle hose to ensure your S54 is free from vacuum leaks and performing properly. 

CSL Vent Hose (11157833649) - Silicone Crankcase Vent hose is a direct replacement

Key benefits:

  • Lifetime replacement of the brittle OEM plastic crankcase breather hose that is susceptible to cracking overtime from constant heat cycling


  • Retains OEM hose end fittings to ensure proper seal

  • “Black” 3 ply reinforced silicone w/ “White” Turner logo 

BMW E46 M3 S54 3.2L
BMW Z3 M Coupe S54 3.2L
BMW Z3 M Roadster S54 3.2L