About us

Our Team

We're a close-knit team that specialises in early model European cars, as well as scratch building and maintaining BMW race cars. We can cover your needs, including:

  • Standard Servicing
  • Custom Modifications
  • Race Preparation
  • Chassis Setup 
  • Scratch Race Builds
  • Engine Conversions
  • Manual Conversions
  • Clutch Replacements
  • Brake Servicing & Replacement

We started off as a few mates working on cars in our garages, doing what we enjoyed. We were running a small-scale operation working on race cars, engine swaps and even standard servicing. Once we started to gain more traction however, we quickly became overwhelmed and decided to give it a real shot, getting our own space and bringing on more staff to help with the growing demand. We knew we could provide a higher quality and more cost-effective solution than what was currently on the market in this segment, where we could offer a one stop shop for specialist parts & knowledge.

We're incredibly passionate about what we do, and pride ourselves on getting the job done efficiently and to a high standard. 

You can follow us on YouTube, where we document our personal builds for a bit of fun and share the journey with our followers.

One of our projects

Spec E46 race car