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Turner Performance Lightweight Flywheel - Single Mass Conversion - BMW E46 M3 S54

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Lightweight flywheels have proven themselves to be a worthwhile performance enhancement. But with the quicker throttle response and horsepower improvement comes one serious drawback: flywheel chatter. Without the dual-mass flywheel's rubber isolators, a lightweight aluminum flywheel has more rattle than stock. Turner Motorsport has designed this flywheel using chrom-moly steel and it weighs almost ten pounds less than the stock DMF but not as extreme as full aluminum flywheels. The steel helps dampen vibration and noise so you get near-factory refinement and most of the benefits of a lightweight flywheel: quicker throttle response, better reliability, and more power to the wheels.

Modern flywheels are built with additional components that are designed to dampen and minimize vibrations from the engine and transmission. Weight has increased and reliability has decreased. With additional weight more energy is required for it to move. A lightweight flywheel does away with the dual mass design and its additional mass so more energy can be diverted to where it counts most - moving the car. The flywheel and clutch is one of the first areas that engine builders address when making the rotating assembly lighter for race engines. The dampening effect is just not needed on cars that are focused on performance. And with a single-mass flywheel the unreliable DMF design is eliminated.

Stock flywheel weight - 25.0lbs
Turner flywheel weight = 16.55lbs

BMW E46 M3 S54 3.2L