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Turner E9x Cowl Delete Kit

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There are a lot of reasons to remove the windshield cowl and cabin filter housing from your BMW, whether it is to save weight, improve the look of your engine bay, or make servicing your E9x BMW easier. Introducing our E9x Cowl Delete Harness Mounting Bracket. Our in-house engineers paid close attention to detail. Turner E9x Cowl Delete Harness Mounting Bracket allows you to zip-tie your wiring harness and mounts to factory bolt holes; it is an easy no-drill install that creates a solid location to tie back your engine harness. However, removing the cowl introduces the possibility of dirt and debris entering your cabin. To solve this issue we suggest pairing it with our Turner Cabin/Cowl Delete Filters. These are small, dry, and maintenance-free filters that both add a finished look to your engine bay and prevent debris from entering the cabin. We are excited to also release our E9x ECU/ Brake Master Cover Set, a great complimentary addition for the cleanest engine bay!

Designed in-house by their industry leading engineering staff, the Turner Motorsport ECU Cover incorporates beauty with OE function. Made from a heat resistant, textured matte black polymer material, this cover is sure to be turning heads! 

This cover gives your engine bay the look it should have came with from the factory and hides away the exposed ECU while helping protect it from the elements. Turner Motorsport provides a simple cover that installs directly on top of the ECU bracket for an OEM plus look! Installation is a breeze, simply use two screws from the ECU bracket on either side, line up the ECU cover, and hand tighten the screws back on. Add a flash of style and elegance under your hood with Turner Motorsport E9x Cowl Delete Kit!


Turner Motorsport E9x Cowl Delete Harness Mounting Bracket

Features & Benefits: 

- Wrinkle black powder coated for long-lasting finish

- Aesthetically cleaner engine bay

- Weight reduction (about 10 pounds) 

- Provides easier access to service rear spark plugs. 


Turner Motorsport E9x ECU/ Brake Master Cover Set

- Installs directly on top of the ECU bracket for an OEM plus look

- Made from a heat resistant, textured matte black polymer material


Kit Contents: 

  • Turner Motorsport E9x Cowl Delete Harness Mounting Bracket
  • Turner Motorsport E9x ECU/ Brake Master Cover Set
  • Turner Cowl Filter delete Set
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