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Turner Alpha-N IAT Sensor Relocation Kit - S54 S62 S85

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 *Click here for installation instructions.*

Alpha-N tuning (removal of MAF) offers improvements to throttle response, driveability and power output. With the removal of the MAF (and its integral intake air temperature sensor), the DME lacks an air temperature reading, and the engine is largely unable to be tuned and will not run properly. The solution here is to wire in a temperature sensor, which generally requires sourcing of hard-to-find connectors, and some mild ability to build wiring harnesses. The alternative? This baby.

Our engineering team designed a complete plug and play kit (unlike all other options on the market) that makes for quick, easy, and reversible installation. Weather-sealed connectors keep out the elements, while sheathed wiring offers a clean appearance underhood. With a harness nearly 3 feet long - the Turner IAT relocation kit offers flexibility in positioning, but not too long that you're left with unsightly excess wiring. Derived from our IAT relocation kit, this solution is without a MAF connector, offering precisely what you need to go Alpha-N.

Turner recommends positioning the sensor in a location away from engine heat, but still within the intake ducting to achieve accurate intake temp readings - such as the far side of the base of the airbox. Vehicles with cold air intakes with cone-style filters can even position the sensor in the end of the filter. Simply drill a hole in your (cool) location of choice and plug in the harness.

Fitment with S54, S62, S85, M62, N62 engines with an Alpha-N tune. Not Alpha-N? See our standard relocation kit here. 

Not for sale or use in the state of California on any pollution-controlled vehicle as per the California Air Resources Board.

BMW All All M62 4.4L
BMW All All M62 4.6L
BMW All All M62 4.8L
BMW All All N62 4.4L
BMW All All S54 3.2L
BMW All All S62 5.0L
BMW All All S85 5.0L