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Turner Adjustable Camber Plates - Race - E36 Non-M

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These adjustable caster/camber plates are the perfect complement to race springs only, and allow you to compensate for a lower stance or choose a more aggressive alignment for superior handling.

Design Highlights include:

  • preserves the correct E36 geometry
  • separate sliding camber and caster adjustments
  • maximum shock travel
  • lightweight
  • durable materials
  • large surface area
  • ease of use

​Features Include: 

  • Camber Adjustment Range: 2+ degrees without removing strut from the vehicle - Verified on alignment rack
  • Caster adjustment range: 2.5+ degrees without removing strut from the vehicle - Verified on alignment rack
  • Reduces ride height by less than 14mm compared to OEM
  • Shock Pin position remains approximately the same compared to OEM
  • Compatible with race springs only
  • Retains OE bump stop location and compatibility
  • FK FKSSX12T Maintenance-free, PTFE lined, stainless steel spherical bearing/monoball for low friction shaft articulation
  • Bearing utilizes lower and upper seals to prevent moisture and debris contamination for greatly improved bearing life
  • Included are two sleeve nut pairs. One pair of M12x1.5mm sleeve nuts and one pair of M14x1.5mm sleeve nuts.
  • Wide plate assembly offers excellent load distribution to address concerns with strut tower deformation

Fits these cars:

BMW E36 323ic M52 2.5L
BMW E36 323is M52 2.5L
BMW E36 325i M50 2.5L
BMW E36 325ic M50 2.5L
BMW E36 325is M50 2.5L
BMW E36 328i M52 2.8L
BMW E36 328ic M52 2.8L
BMW E36 328is M52 2.8L