Thermostat (80C)

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Replacement 80* Celcius thermostat for E46 M3, Z3M w S54 engine, Z4M. The thermostat can be replaced on the E46 M3 without removing the water pump. This can save you money if the pump still has life left on it but the thermostat needs to be done now. Symptoms of a bad thermostat include an erratic temp gauge and a fault code. When replacing the thermostat, there are three o-rings that will likely need to be replaced between the thermostat and the water pump housing, and two on the coolant tube going to the head. We also recommend new hoses, clamps, and BMW coolant. Replacement should take about one hour.

BMW E46 M3 S54 3.2L
BMW Z3 M Coupe S54 3.2L
BMW Z4 M Coupe S54 3.2L