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Steel Adjustable Camber Arms BMW E36 E46 Z4 (90A)

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High-quality steel adjustable lower control arms designed specifically for BMW E36, E46, and Z4. Equipping your BMW with these adjustable arms will significantly enhance its handling. They allow for suspension adjustment with a wide range of negative, neutral, and positive angles, enabling you to fine-tune the suspension geometry to your preferences and driving style, a crucial aspect for optimizing your vehicle's performance.

The steel construction ensures exceptional durability and longevity, making them capable of withstanding demanding usage conditions, including on the race track. The adjustability of these control arms allows for precise tuning of suspension settings to accommodate various scenarios:


Installing these adjustable rear control arms can bring numerous benefits, such as:


  1. Enhanced Handling: These control arms provide much more precise and confident vehicle handling. This contributes to achieving heightened control over the car, especially during dynamic driving.
  2. Adjustability of Parameters: With the ability to adjust suspension geometry parameters, you can tailor settings to match your driving style and road conditions. This capability allows for the maximum utilization of your vehicle's potential, whether on the track or on the road.
  3. Increased Durability: Steel control arms offer significantly greater resistance to stress and strain compared to conventional arms, resulting in a longer component lifespan.
  4. Improved Traction: Adjustable control arms permit precise customization of wheel camber angles, which can lead to better traction on various surfaces and during cornering.


In addition, the utilization of polyurethane bushings is a crucial aspect:


  1. Durability: Due to its toughness, polyurethane vastly outperforms traditional materials like rubber. This ensures an extended lifespan and durability, particularly important for demanding usage.
  2. Heightened Responsiveness: Polyurethane is considerably stiffer than rubber, resulting in quicker responses of the control arm bushings to changes in road conditions and loads. This can significantly enhance vehicle stability and precision.
  3. Laxity Reduction: Implementing polyurethane bushings helps reduce play and looseness in the suspension system, which is crucial for maintaining optimal suspension geometry and ensuring driving confidence.
  4. Geometry Stability: Polyurethane bushings contribute to maintaining proper suspension geometry, a key factor for even tire wear and consistent road adherence.
  5. Easy Maintenance: Thanks to its resistance to atmospheric conditions and external factors, polyurethane bushings require less frequent maintenance compared to traditional rubber bushings.


Both these control arms and polyurethane bushings are available with a powder-coated finish, further enhancing their durability:


  1. Exceptional Durability and Resistance: The powder coating process involves electrostatically applying a layer of polymer powder onto the control arms' surface, which, after baking, forms an exceptionally durable and damage-resistant coating. This ensures that the control arms will retain their aesthetics and durability over a prolonged period of use.
  2. Corrosion Protection: Powder coating creates a uniform protective layer that effectively shields the steel from corrosion and damage caused by atmospheric conditions and road salt.
  3. Color Longevity: Powder-coated finishes are more resistant to fading and UV radiation than traditional paints, allowing the control arms to maintain their color intensity over time.


  • BMW Seria 3 E36 (4-Cyl)
  • BMW Seria 3 E36 (6-Cyl)
  • BMW Seria 3 E36 M3
  • BMW Seria 3 E46 (4-Cyl)
  • BMW Seria 3 E46 Compact (4-Cyl)
  • BMW Seria 3 E46 (6-Cyl)
  • BMW Seria 3 E46 Compact (6-Cyl)
  • BMW Seria 3 E46 M3
  • BMW E85 Z4
  • BMW E86 Z4
  • BMW E85 Z4 M
  • BMW E86 Z4 M
  • BMW E89 Z4