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Single Vanos Billet Valve Cover - M50TU/M52, S50/S52

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Introducing our newest upgrade for your E36: a full billet aluminum valve cover engineered to eliminate factory and aftermarket valve cover issues. If you're familiar with our new Turner Motorsport products for 2023 and 2024 you can tell that our engineering team at Turner has a focus on older chassis, especially the E36.

Our valve cover is designed to fit some of the best engines BMW ever came out with, single vanos M50/M52 and S50/S52. Not only are these great motors in general and deserve an upgraded valve cover but they are also prime for boosting. When adding boosting you will be introducing heat which can wreak havoc on your ignition system and make your factory valve cover extremely prone to failure. 

The reality of the M5x/S5x motors is that the plastic valve covers are sub-par and the magnesium versions are no longer available from BMW and even those can even warp. You can end up replacing your valve cover time and time again dealing with issues if you prefer but the option is here for you. The last valve cover you buy for your E36. 

Our engineers designed this valve cover with experience and personal passion that offers a plethora of benefits for your M5x/S5x motor. Whether you plan to cherish your E36 for years to come or envision a turbocharger upgrade, our valve cover is the ultimate solution. It boasts rugged durability and brilliant aesthetics, ensuring it's a perfect fit for any enthusiast.

Featuring full 6061 billet construction and a type-3 hard coat finish, our valve cover is built to endure extreme conditions and rigorous use. Whether you opt to retain your factory PCV setup or upgrade to a catch can for racing purposes, the cover provides dedicated, direct-fit ports for both configurations.

The base kit includes all the necessary components for a seamless installation. Additionally, the description provides part numbers for optional replacements and add-ons, ensuring you have everything you need to complete your install. 


  • Integrated -10AN ORB ports for a catch can setup to keep your intake free from oil in racing applications
  • Compatible with factory M5x/S5x ignition coil packs
  • Compatible with Red Top "Smart Coils" (Audi R8) for standalone ECU applications
  • Stainless steel coil pack heat shield for enhanced protection in factory and top mount turbocharger applications
  • Compatible with factory oil cap
  • Modular heatshield with bendable tab to accommodate 96-99 coil harness that crosses over the top of the exhaust manifold
  • Online instructions included for PCV, heatshield and coil pack installation


  • Leak-free - Never deal with a warped valve cover again thanks to the full billet aluminum construction
  • Retains all factory PCV functions
  • Protected ignition coils and wiring
  • Superior heat resistance - Will not melt like plastic replacement valve covers
  • Durable and clean anodized coating able to withstand excessive engine and exhaust temperatures 
  • Optimized oil path for vanos/timing chain lubrication


  • Full 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum
  • Type 3 black hard coat for increased durability and thermal capacity
  • Compatible with all Single Vanos M5x/S5x engines
  • Heat shield with black anodized Turner back plate for a clean and durable finish
  • Designed to utilize M50/S50 valve cover gasket - fits all M50, M52, S50, S52

Kit contents:

  • The base kit includes:
    • Billet Valve Cover
    • Heat Shield, PCV Adapter - QTY 1
    • -10AN ORB Block-Off Fittings - QTY 2
    • M50/S50 Valve Cover Gasket Set
    • Valve Cover Securing Hardware Grommets - QTY 15
    • Ignition Coil Install Hardware (M6x1, 25mm length) - QTY 12
    • Heat Shield Install Hardware (M6x1, 12mm length) - QTY 4
  • Optional Ignition Coils
BMW E34 525i M20 2.5L
BMW E34 525i M50 2.5L
BMW E36 323ic M52 2.5L
BMW E36 323is M52 2.5L
BMW E36 325i M50 2.5L
BMW E36 325ic M50 2.5L
BMW E36 325is M50 2.5L
BMW E36 328i M52 2.8L
BMW E36 328ic M52 2.8L
BMW E36 328is M52 2.8L
BMW E36 M3 S50 3.0L
BMW E36 M3 S52 3.2L
BMW E39 528i M52 2.8L
BMW Z3 2.3 M52 2.5L
BMW Z3 2.5 M52 2.5L
BMW Z3 2.8 M52 2.8L
BMW Z3 M Coupe S52 3.2L
BMW Z3 M Roadster S52 3.2L