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Shift Lever (Z3 Getrag)

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This is the OE shifter for the E46 325xi and the 330xi (up to 03/2003) and the E36 Z3 1.9 and 2.5.

The shift lever out of the Z3 1.9 delivers a smooth and quiet shift without the notchiness and effort of aftermarket short shift kits. The Z3 shifter in the E30 is approximately 20% shorter than the original E30 shifter - less reduction than a full short shift kit but the perfect compromise between stock and aftermarket. We have installed multiple shift levers in the E30 but the Z3 1.9 feels the best to us. The shift knob height is reduced by about 1/4". This is the Genuine BMW Z3 1.9 shift lever and a direct fit to 6/86-1992 E30 318i/is, 325e/es, and 325i/is.

E30 install note: there is a bowl-shaped vibration damper mounted with the transmission flex disc (guibo). This damper needs to be removed or you need to bend the stock selector rod so it will clear. Most E30s already have the vibration damper removed so don't be surprised if it's not there. If you do choose to remove it, this would be the perfect time to replace the flex disc. On some 325e models the flex disc is a larger diameter and the selector rod will need to be bent to clear it.

BMW E46 325xi M54 2.5L
BMW E46 330xi M54 3.0L
BMW Z3 1.9 M44 1.9L
BMW Z3 2.3 M52 2.5L
BMW Z3 2.5i M54 2.5L