Oil filter lid (cap) with oil cooler fittings and 2 sensor ports BMW M52 M54 M56

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Stock lid replacement OEM part no. 11421744000 with advantages, this forged aluminium lid is ideal for installing oil pressure and temperature gauges on your BMW.

Featuring two 1/8" NPT ports (common thread size for gauge sensors) and two male Dash 10 fittings, this lid makes installing sensors quick and easy, as well as attaching an additional oil cooler.

Fit to:

  • BMW E36 (M52 only)
  • BMW E38 (M52, 740d)
  • BMW E39 (M52, M54)
  • BMW E46 (M52, M54)
  • BMW E60, E61 (M54)
  • BMW E65, E66 (M54, 740d)
  • X3 E83 (2.5i, 3.0i)
  • X5 E53 (3.0i)
  • BMW Z3 (2.0i, 2.2i, 2.5i, 2.8i, 3.0i)
  • BMW Z4 E85 (2.2i, 2.5i, 3.0i)

Made of the highest quality aluminium material, CNC machined handmade assembly. The adapter makes the easy flow of oil, guarantee on reducing oil temperature in Your engine bay till -40%. Using OEM cheap oil filter! Recommended for turbocharged BMW.