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M50 Manifold Adapter Kit

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Fitment: BMW E36 S52 M52 OBD1 M50

This kit comes with all parts necessary to convert your S52/M52 to an OBD1 M50 manifold.

The silicone hose is 4 ply and fits very snug. All mounting brackets are laser cut 304 stainless steel. Stainless steel manifold adapter is included so you can run the stock throttle body gasket. No custom gaskets are required! All vacuum lines and fittings are METRIC and silicone. Finally, all of the clamps included with the kit are Norma Stainless Steel clamps which look and feel like OE. The CNC’d aluminum fitting is available at an extra fee and is substituted for the stock plastic part. We recommend upgrading to the aluminum style for all forced induction applications.

M50 manifolds work most efficiently when coupled with a performance tune.