F30/F32/F34/F36 - RWD, 4 Cylinder Polyurethane Motor Mounts

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These mounts are designed for BMW F3X and F2X (4 cylinder, rear wheel drive). They are rebuildable and the polyurethane bushing inserts can be easily swapped out for a different hardness.

These mounts are made from CNC machined 6061-T6 billet aluminum combined with high quality polyurethane.

Revshift mounts are the most durable and reliable mounts on the market. To further ensure the strength of our mounts we form the threads with a forming tap which creates denser and stronger threads in the billet aluminum pieces. The polyurethane compounds that Revshift uses are among the best for automotive use and exceed the material quality of possibly all other automotive polyurethane manufacturers.

1' F20 LCI 120i B48, 125i B48
1' F21 LCI 120i B48, 125i B48
2' F22 220i B48, 230i
2' F22 LCI 220i, 230i
2' F23 220i B48, 230i
2' F23 LCI 220i, 230i
3' F30 LCI 320i, 320i B48, 330i, 330i B46, 330i B48
3' F31 LCI 320i, 330i
3' F34 GT LCI 320i, 330i
3' F35 LCI 320Li B48, 330Li
4' F32 420i B48, 430i
4' F32 LCI 420i, 430i, 430i B46, 430i B48
4' F33 420i B48, 430i
4' F33 LCI 420i, 430i, 430i B46, 430i B48
4' F36 Gran Coupé 420i B48, 430i
4' F36 Gran Coupé LCI 420i, 430i

Motor mounts for all wheel drive cars: PMM-F3XXI

Motor mounts for rear wheel drive 6 cylinder cars: PMM-F3X

Two assembled motor mounts
Heat sleeve for exhaust side mount
Mounting hardware
Installation instructions


80A black: Slightly stiffer and stronger than OEM rubber. No additional NVH. Great choice as an upgraded stock replacement (OEM+).
95A green: Significantly stiffer and stronger than OEM rubber. Minor increase in NVH. Excellent for enthusiastically driven street cars and track cars.
70D white: Drastically stiffer and stronger than OEM rubber. Moderate increase in NVH. Most commonly used on dedicated track cars.
(NVH = noise, vibration, harmonics)