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E46 Rear Sway Bar Reinforcement Kit

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The BMW E46 3-Series chassis is one of the most rigid and well built BMW chassis to date. Even so, it still has some of the traditional BMW weak points. One of these is the rear sway bar / swaybar mounts. From chassis to chassis the problem has not been identical, but all the damage we have seen has been related to metal fatigue. The metal fatigue is due to the constant twisting and side loading of the sway bar. These forces on the sway bar will cause the mounting points to fail over time. The failure can happen faster with sway bar bind due to improper maintenance of the bushings. However, proper sway bar bushing maintenance does not totally eliminate the problem. In the case of the E46 the sheet metal for the bushing bracket does not have enough material to support the loads being transferred to the subframe. We have designed the reinforcement to strengthen and redirect the load to stronger sheet metal. Requires Welding. Does not fit M3.

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Fits these cars:

BMW E46 323i M52 2.5L
BMW E46 325Ci M54 2.5L
BMW E46 325i M54 2.5L
BMW E46 325i M54 3.0L
BMW E46 325xi M54 2.5L
BMW E46 328Ci M52 2.8L
BMW E46 328i M52 2.8L
BMW E46 330Ci M54 3.0L
BMW E46 330i M54 3.0L
BMW E46 330xi M54 3.0L