E46 Complete Chassis Reinforcement Kit

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Like the E36 that came before it, the E46 had some of the same weaknesses in the structure of the chassis. BMW discovered that over time, due to the bending of the rear of the chassis in conjunction with the movement allowed by the rubber bushings in the rear, the chassis mounting points for the subframe would flex, weaken, and rip out of the chassis. Well, that was just the rear subframe problem only. So we made a kit that solves that and all the other weaknesses found in not only track/drift cars, but streetcars (you can see in our YouTube channel, what cracks can happen under a stock configuration as well).

Included in the E46 chassis reinforcement kit is every possible fix for all the failure points. This includes reinforcements for not only the chassis but the front and rear subframe as well. (Note: M3 will not use rear sway reinforcement found in this kit). As always all Garagistic made products carry a lifetime warranty. 

  • Fits all E46 Including the M3 (Note: M3 will not use rear sway reinforcement found in this kit)
What is included in this kit?
  • Garagistic E46 Front subframe reinforcement - Can tear from motor movement
  • Garagistic E46 rear shock tower reinforcement - Stops shocks from going through trunk like the E36 and E30
  • Garagistic E46 Stainless steel coilover over plates - Stops coilover setups from puncturing cast control arm
  • Garagistic E46 rear chassis subframe mounting point reinforcements - Known E46 failure that could be costly
  • Garagistic E46 RTAB pocket reinforcement - Can cause trailing arm to tear out if it fails
  • Garagistic E46 rear sway reinforcement - A must on upgraded sway bar cars (Fits NON-M cars only)
  • Garagistic E46 front shock tower reinforcement - Avoids "mushrooming" of shock mounts

All of these reinforcements require welding and minor grinding depending on chassis life. In order to weld these plates in, the rear suspension, rear subframe, exhaust, and driveshaft must be removed. It is also strongly recommended that the back seat, rear interior, trunk interior, and fuel tank are removed. Batteries must be unplugged! A proper understanding of welding etiquette is required. This includes properly grinding undercoat and welding preparation to make sure welding penetration is achieved.