E30 Complete Chassis Reinforcement Kit

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As an E30 enthusiast, you have probably already realized that the E30 has a couple of weaknesses in the chassis. As these awesome cars age, cracks can occur in all the wrong places. We finally have a kit that will help prevent or repair these high stress areas in your E30 to ensure the survival and performance of your vehicle.

This kit is mandatory in hard track, drift and auto-x use. Our complete E30 chassis reinforcement kit includes all of our reinforcements in a package deal. In this money-saving package deal you get: the front sub-frame reinforcement, the differential mounting point reinforcements, the front sway bar reinforcement, and the rear sway bar reinforcement.

Installation may require minor grinding as every car has had a different life resulting in different "beauty marks" if you will: ergo some persuading is required. Will require welding. We offer this service at our Westminster location so please ask us!


  • Front Subframe Reinforcement
  • Front Sway Bar Reinforcement
  • Rear Sway Bar Reinforcement
  • Differential Mount Point Reinforcement
  • Rear Shock Reinforcements