Differential Bushing Set - BMW E46 (NON-M3)

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Revshift polyurethane differential bushings completely replace the oem rubber bushings on the E46 (not M3 or Z4M). These bushings stiffen the differential improving the vehicles handling capabilities.

    • Improves handing
    • Will not wear out like oem bushings
    • Properly dampens the differential
    • Revshift bushing lube included

      Lifetime warranty

      80A black: Slightly stiffer and stronger than OEM rubber. No additional NVH. Great choice as an upgraded stock replacement (OEM+).
      95A green: Significantly stiffer and stronger than OEM rubber. Minor increase in NVH. Excellent for enthusiastically driven street cars and track cars.
      70D white: Drastically stiffer and stronger than OEM rubber. Moderate increase in NVH. Most commonly used on dedicated track cars.
      (NVH = noise, vibration, harmonics)

      Learn more about choosing polyurethane here: