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BMW E46 Spec Class Racecar

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Up for sale is our Spec class BMW E46. We built this car in house with no budget in 2021 and have been developing it further since. We started with a BMW E46 325i Individual in Estoril Blue, the engine we removed from a Z3 with 80,000kms on the clock. We are selling it now to fund future projects despite wanting to hold on to it greatly. The car will be sold completely set up for the coming season, freshly serviced and gone over ready to race for the upcoming season with all panel work repaired and as much of the wrap removed as desired. We have put a lot of money and hours into this car and it’s never once let us down. Not one bolt has not been touched and checked and gone over, we have only used the best parts available to us and serviced it after every second event or equivualant test days.


Drive Line:

  • M54B22 Removed from Z3 with 80,000kms (Since done roughly 6,000kms)
  • ZF Gearbox (Seals & Detents Serviced by KBM 2022)
  • Light weight flywheel & Clutch 
  • Shifter assembly E46 OEM with all new bushings
  • Genuine Factory Manual ZF Driveshaft (New CSB)
  • Differential Small Case 3.91 (KLW - KBM)


  • Sump baffled 
  • Oil pump nut secured
  • Rear main seal housing & seal replaced with new
  • Intake manifold gasket replaced with new
  • PCV system replaced with new
  • DISA Valce replaced with new
  • MAF replaced with new
  • Intake boots replaced with new
  • Injectors tested and serviced
  • Engine timing checked
  • VANOS unit resealed (KBM)
  • Low Temp Thermostat Kit
  • Water Pump replaced with new
  • Coil Packs replaced with new
  • M52 Headers 
  • Full stainless steel exhaust system (Headers back)
  • Cold air intake system (SWR)
  • Cooling system completely replaced with new
  • Oil Cooler Kit (SWR)
  • Power steering vented cap with reservoir 
  • Under drive pulley kit (Alternator, Water Pump, Power Steering)


Suspension & Steering:

  • Purple tag steering rack
  • Fortune auto coil overs
  • PMC adjustable steel camber arms 
  • Subframe bushings 95a poly
  • Differential bushing 95a poly
  • Rear trailing bushings 95a poly
  • Engine mounts 95a poly
  • Gearbox mounts 95a poly 
  • Lower control arm bushings replaced with new


  • E46 325i/328i front brake calipers
  • E46 325i/328i front brake rotors (Brembo)
  • E46 325i/328i front brake pads (Hawk)
  • E46 320i rear brake calipers
  • E46 320i rear brake rotors (Brembo)
  • E46 320i rear brake pads (Hawk)


  • Full TIG welded 6 point roll cage (RA Fab)
  • Factory motorsport tech 2 kit
  • Aerocatch bonnet pins 
  • Light weight side windows
  • Front & rear screw in tow points
  • Body registration on hold (BKZ344)
  • 2 Sets of Koya 17” by 8” rims 


  • Racetech seat with halo
  • Adjustable seat bracket (KBM)
  • Sparco 6 point harness
  • Sparco steering wheel
  • Dash plate with controls for cooling fan
  • Magic box for oil and water temp monitoring, fan control & more (Joel Herbert)
  • Coded to factory manual
  • E46 fuel pump replaced with new 
  • E46 fuel surge pump kit (SWR)
  • Interior professionally painted in Porsche Grey Black
  • Wide angle rear view mirror
  • Driver false floor (RA Fab)
  • Dual NACA ducts


  • Front Bumper
  • Rear Bumper
  • Bonnet (Already Blue)
  • Lots of little bits and pieces
  • Small case 3.91 diff
  • And more

Im sure there’s a lot of things I’m forgetting, but will update as i remember. All paperwork is available for the car since building it including receipts for outsourced work, chassis report and more. Viewings are available at the workshop based in Devonport, Auckland. For any further questions or specifics please give us a call.