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Aluminium Adjustable Camber Arms BMW E36 E46 Z4 (80A)

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High-quality adjustable aluminum lower control arms specially designed for BMW E36, E46, and Z4. Equipping these adjustable arms will significantly enhance the handling of your BMW. Their versatility allows for any adjustment in the suspension geometry, encompassing negative, zero, and positive angles. This enables the adjustment of the suspension system to your own preferences and driving specifics, which is crucial for achieving optimal vehicle performance.

The aluminum construction guarantees exceptional strength and durability, while simultaneously reducing weight, which is beneficial for the overall performance of the vehicle, thereby handling extreme usage conditions, including on the race track. Thanks to the adjustment capability, it is possible to tailor the suspension settings to the specific preference of the driver.


Installing these adjustable rear control arms brings along a range of benefits, such as:

  • Excellent Handling: The arms provide significantly more precise and confident vehicle handling. This allows for increased control over the car, especially during dynamic driving.
  • Parameter Adjustment: With the ability to adjust the parameters of the suspension geometry, you have full control over setting up the system to your driving style and prevailing conditions. This enables the utilization of the vehicle's maximum potential on the track or street.
  • Enhanced Durability: The aluminum construction makes the arms significantly more durable and stress-resistant than their traditional counterparts, translating to a longer component lifespan.
  • Improved Traction: Thanks to the ability to precisely adjust wheel tilt angles, adjustable arms contribute to achieving better traction on various surfaces and while cornering.


Moreover, utilizing polyurethane arm ends is a key aspect:

  • Durability: Polyurethane, due to its durability, significantly outperforms traditional materials like rubber. Thus, polyurethane arm ends ensure longer life and durability, which is extremely important in demanding exploitation.
  • Increased Responsiveness: Polyurethane is much stiffer than rubber, which results in a quicker response of the arm ends to changes in road conditions and load. This can significantly improve stability and precision in vehicle handling.
  • Minimized Play: By using polyurethane ends, reducing play in the suspension system becomes a reality. This is key to maintaining optimal suspension geometry and confident handling.
  • Geometry Stability: Polyurethane ends influence the stability of the suspension geometry, which is vital for even tire wear and maintaining proper road holding.
  • Easy Maintenance: Due to their resistance to weather conditions and external factors, polyurethane ends require less frequent maintenance compared to traditional rubber ends.


The set includes two control arms.


  • BMW Seria 3 E36 (4-Cyl)
  • BMW Seria 3 E36 (6-Cyl)
  • BMW Seria 3 E36 M3
  • BMW Seria 3 E46 (4-Cyl)
  • BMW Seria 3 E46 Compact (4-Cyl)
  • BMW Seria 3 E46 (6-Cyl)
  • BMW Seria 3 E46 Compact (6-Cyl)
  • BMW Seria 3 E46 M3
  • BMW E85 Z4
  • BMW E86 Z4
  • BMW E85 Z4 M
  • BMW E86 Z4 M
  • BMW E89 Z4