AAF E46 NonM Brake Cooling Duct Kit

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Introducing the all-new redesigned AAF E46 (non-M) Brake Cooling Duct Kit!  This new kit is a true improvement over any other kit on the market today. Every other brake duct inlet and kit we have seen for the M3 style E46 bumper has had major drawbacks. We designed our kit to be:

  • Extremely Light Weight – The entire kit weighs less than 4 lbs!!
  • Ultra-High Airflow Inlets
  • Tight Turning Radius
  • Easy and Quick To Install
  • Inexpensive to Buy and Maintain
  • Durable for Racing Conditions

We designed strong and lightweight brake duct inlets with a massive 4″ inlet. Not only is the initial inlet significantly larger than the competition, but the shape of the duct is a huge improvement to flow. This ultimately provides higher airspeed and pressure to the brake rotor and thus better brake cooling. The inlets are manufactured with our in house 3D printer to provide a strong and inexpensive part. The new brake duct tubes included in this kit are made from lightweight and strong ABS plastic. The shape of these tubes was specifically designed to flow air extremely well while providing the ability for a tight turning radius even with large racing tires. For a SPEC E46 with the spec 255 Toyo tire, you can turn 1.5 turns from straight without hitting the tubes, which is more than enough for driving around the paddock. The tubes taper down to a 3″ flex hose, to remain legal for SE46. We also use a very short piece of flexible brake hose which allows better flow and lower costs. The AAF E46 Brake Backing Plates feature our open flow design to allow more efficient airflow into the brake hat, as well as provide cool air to the wheel bearings.  This gets more air to travel through the veins in the rotor than with other types of backing plates. These Backing Plates are the full size of the rotor and are also a heat shield for the shock and ball joints.  The heating of the shock oil will cause the oil to thin, changing the shock dampening characteristics. Protecting the ball joints & tie rods from heat will help to improve longevity and prevent premature wear. Wheel bearing life on a track driven BMW can increase significantly with better cooling. Backing plates are powder coated black for extra durability. Extend the life of your calipers pads and rotors with the AAF BMW E46 Brake Duct Kit. Brake cooling is a must for BMW’s that see track use. Rotors, calipers, and pads can last twice as long with our brake cooling kit. It Includes:

  • Left and Right AAF 3D Printed Massive 4″ or 3″ Inlets
  • Left and Right 4″ to 3″ Molded Tubes
  • Two 13″ Sections of Flex Hose
  • Left and Right AAF Backing Plates
  • All Attaching Hardware and Hose Clamps