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5HP19 Transmission Filter Kit

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PN: 24152333915

For ZF 5HP19 transmissions, includes everything you need to perform a service on your transmission

This automatic transmission filter kit is needed for whenever you are servicing your BMW's transmission. BMW used to advertise a "lifetime" fill on their transmissions but has since changed their tune and now claims that the transmissions require an extended service.

For the best service life of your BMW's transmission, we recommend a drain and fill service to be performed every 30,000 miles. This service is the least intrusive and will involve draining and refilling your transmission (drain and fill). When doing this service it is recommended to replace the filter as well.

Kit includes the following:
24117507555 - Fill Plug
24117571242 - Drain Plug
24341423376 - Filter
24101423380 - Gasket
24111206468 - Magnet

Fits these cars:

BMW E39 525i M54 2.5L
BMW E39 530i M54 3.0L
BMW E46 323Ci M52 2.5L
BMW E46 323i M52 2.5L
BMW E46 325Ci M54 2.5L
BMW E46 325i M54 2.5L
BMW E46 330Ci M54 3.0L
BMW E46 330i M54 3.0L
BMW Z4 2.5i M54 2.5L
BMW Z4 3.0i M54 3.0L
BMW Z4 3.0i N52 3.0L
BMW Z4 3.0Si N52 3.0L